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Spectacular Casual Dining: Kisik Seafood Grill & Bar

During our stay at AYANA Resort and Spa in Bali, we were thinking of where to have dinner one day and picked up some tips from available hotel literature. My husband loves seafood so the Kisik Seafood Grill and Bar was an immediate candidate. The hotel’s in-house magazine glowingly described the restaurant as follows:

“It is really the stuff dreams are made of; the perfect sunset as the ocean’s waves crash upon the beach, gentle jasmine scented breezes, the purest white sands and the kind of privacy and exclusivity that make a magical evening here an experience never to be replicated anywhere else in the world.

The multi-award winning AYANA Resort and Spa Bali has certainly hit the spot with Kisik Seafood Grill and Bar; its casual seafood dining restaurant that has perhaps one of the most breathtaking views on this Isle of the Gods. Coupled with a menu that celebrates Nature’s freshest offerings cooked to perfection, a stay at AYANA will not be complete without dinner at this cliff-side restaurant.” (Excerpt from p. 45 of AYANA’s in-house magazine available in each hotel room)

Who couldn’t resist trying out the restaurant after reading the above? But wasn’t the author a bit over the top? We would soon find out!

Just us as the sun sets.

Just us as the sun sets.

The lady who handled our reservation was friendly and helpful. She suggested we go there fifteen minutes or so before 6 PM so we can slowly watch the sun set. It turned out to be a good idea: the panorama of the setting sun was indeed incredibly beautiful, the sound of ocean waves gently crashing onto shore enhanced the already spectacular sight, and our seating afforded us the best of views. The fact that we were the only guests at this ‘early’ hour made the serene experience all the more special.

Selection of fresh seafood, paid per gram.

Selection of fresh seafood, paid per gram.

The restaurant is classified as “Casual Dining” but each reserved table had thoughtfully handwritten place cards. Our waiter explained that we should go over the kitchen side where tables with tubs of ice carried all kinds of fresh seafood. We could then choose whatever we wanted to eat, with the cost calculated per gram. After making our choices and specifying how we wanted them grilled (or served fresh), we went back to our seat, sipping on cocktails and just gazing at the sunset. By this time more diners have arrived, and the place was full by 8 PM. Along with our choice of seafood came a basket of garlic rice and cooked assorted vegetables.

Conch shell and candle.

Conch shell and candle.

What I enjoyed the most–aside from the incredibly delicious fresh seafood and amazing views–was how lighting from torches and candles on the table created a sense of intimacy despite the fact that the restaurant was hanging off a cliff and open to the sea in every possible way. Apart from the kitchen, the restaurant was built like a series of connected gazebos, with the wooden structure that hovered over the main dining area having a thatched grass roof, beach sand for floors, and not a single wall. Our table, in fact, gave the best possible view of the night sky because there literally was no roof over our heads. Thankfully, the weather was great that day. Restaurant furniture were of the outdoor/patio variety, probably made of teak, with wooden slats stained a reddish-brown. A huge conch shell decorated each table. Music came from a live Jegog performance from a nearby pier where four diners enjoyed an ultra-special dinner over the sea (of which the lobster course was also served by Kisik).

Goodnight, Sun.

Goodnight, Sun.

Under the twinkling stars, we ate and drank until we could do so no more. A very pretty and friendly waitress stopped us when we attempted to climb back up the 141 steps that lead to the hotel. “There is an inclinator over there–I am sure you will find it more pleasant after just having had dinner,” she kindly suggested. We gladly walked over to the lift, and looked fondly at the receding Kisik Seafood Grill & Bar as we slowly ascended up the cliff.

Highly recommended on a clear day; even if not staying at AYANA Resort & Spa, most definitely worth the trip.

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  1. What a beautiful sunset and romantic restaurant!
    The seafood dinner on the beach sand must have been very delicious.

  2. Sharon /

    Fine looking sunset! Just how much better would the sunset look at the Rock Bar anyway?

    • Thanks! I’m wondering the same thing myself–The Rock Bar’s two minutes away from the restaurant on foot so the sunset would look pretty much the same. I guess the reason people prefer the Rock Bar for watching the sunset is that you only have to buy one little drink, while at the Kisik you might feel that you need to buy dinner.


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