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Artistic Lobby: AYANA Resort & Spa

When we arrived at the Jimbaran village that is home to the sprawling 5-star resort that was formerly The Ritz-Carlton in Bali, we were driven for more than a mile through plenty of greenery. The hotel itself finally came into view after a few minutes of driving, and we were greeted by a smiling staff ready with plumeria leis and the sound of live gamelan music. The lobby was filled with people and the front was busy, but our welcome drinks were served promptly. Looking around at the tastefully appointed hotel lobby, we knew that my camera would soon be flashing to record all the lovely details.

Ayana Resort & Spa Lobby

View of the lobby with its tall, pitched ceiling.

It’s no exaggeration to say that one can judge the style and quality of a hotel’s interiors just by looking at the lobby. Since it is the hotel’s main living room, and a molder of guests’ first impressions, much thought and planning (and renovating) go to this particular space. AYANA Resort and Spa certainly did not disappoint. The openness of the space and opulence of the wood carvings and stonework were simply breathtaking.

Ceiling of lobby wing. Notice the intricately carved details.

Ceiling of lobby wing. Notice the intricately carved details.

Like many a resort hotel, AYANA’s lobby is filled with dark wooden furniture, comfortable sofas with colorful throw pillows, and carved wooden figures above shiny marble floors.

But more than the imposing flower arrangement sitting atop a wrought iron table with a marble top, the pitched ceiling is the most awe-inspiring. Every inch is covered with stylized paintings of plants, animals, and figures that resemble Balinese dancers and mythical characters.

Further back into the lobby are stone columns with intricate limestone relief. Over at the lobby wings the ceiling is made of woven grass and open beams, decorated with ornately carved wood and gold leaf. Balinese artwork you’d want to hang in your own home welcome guests at the lobby front, bathroom and connecting hallways.

Square columns with limestone relief behind paper lanterns.

Square columns with limestone relief behind paper lanterns.

The view from the lobby is all gorgeous greenery and blue sky and shimmering coastline, enhanced by stone and wooden railings, as well as elaborate sculptures along the wings.

With its abundant use of indigenous natural materials and undoubtedly the skills of the local craftsmen, AYANA’s lobby is a beautiful and inspiring space, artfully welcoming guests to Bali.

Despite the fact that the resort was huge, it seemed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. What an aesthetically pleasing way to start a vacation!

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  1. It is a lobby where I seem to hear the gamelan music.
    The carving of the pillar and the wall is interesting.

    • Thanks for dropping by! Yes, just looking at the lobby one can almost hear traditional music. Fortunately, they do offer live gamelan performances at certain times during the day! 🙂

  2. krissw /

    luv pics of carving details! “artistic”‘s the perfect word. any comments on the front staff? were they any good?

    • beverlyclaire /

      The front staff was fine in general, although they seem busy and harried all the time. We had one complaint, though. The hotel offers free tours of the resort, which you can reserve for by phone. I called the front from our hotel room the night before, they called me back to give me an available time and date. The following day we went to the lobby and asked someone in the front where to meet for the tour. She harriedly told us to wait, which we did for about 15 minutes. We asked again, and this time another person from the front staff told us we had no reservation. I told them we got a confirmation call, and instead of apologizing she just looked annoyed. We had plans and couldn’t reschedule; we were eventually able to join the tour thanks to an accommodating driver, though we had to squeeze into the overbooked buggy. I’d suggest to anyone staying at the Ayana to make tour reservations at the front desk instead of calling by phone, just to make sure they write it down properly!


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