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Noteworthy Room: AYANA Resort & Spa

Formerly the Ritz Carlton Bali, five-star AYANA Resort & Spa re-branded itself under new management in 2009. I thought that it would be a good experience to stay at a freshly relaunched hotel that chose a well-known Japanese graphic designer, Hiromura Masaaki, to create its resplendent new logo.

The Resort View Room

The Resort View Room

We stayed at a Resort View Room, a beautiful 48 sqm (517sqf) of marble floors and wooden furniture decorated with Balinese carvings. It was light and airy and looked lovely during the day and at night (Since the hotel’s website shows photos of the rooms taken during the day, I took the ones shown here at night.)

At the entry way is a half-table with a marble top and tapering legs, with carvings on the frieze. Above it is a mirror with a deftly carved wooden frame.

The entry way, the writing desk, and night table.

The entry way, the writing desk, and night table.

The first thing I noticed when reaching the sleeping area was the unique carvings decorating the wooden headboards. Comfy white pillows and sheets sandwich a night table also decorated with carvings. A lamp with an urn-shaped metal body sat next to bottles of complimentary mineral water. Next to the window was a chaise lounge with beige velvet upholstery and a gold satin throw pillow. A floor lamp gently illuminated the area as a live orchid plant bloomed atop a graceful pedestal table with a turned baluster column. Richly framed traditional artwork made this corner of the room even more pleasing.

The bar and television.

The bar and television.

A 42-inch flat screen television sat atop perhaps the most striking furniture in the room: a wooden sideboard cabinet adorned with ornate relief carvings and flower-shaped handles. This cabinet cleverly housed the mini-bar, where complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water awaited guests.

The generous desk had a Neoclassical feel with its frieze drawers and fluted, tapering legs terminating in toupie feet. A pair of chairs with legs joined by stretchers and turned spindles for the back splat surround the table. Metal S-scrolls make up the body of the table lamp. A matte metal plate is filled each day with a few pieces of tropical fruit. Above the lamp is a hand-drawn rendering of a traditional, ornate Balinese piece of furniture that appeared to be a cross between a highboy and a bureau-cabinet.

Opposite is the bath, which turned out to be my favorite part of the room! Wall-to-wall marble paneling, full-length bath tub, a separate shower booth with a glass door, toilet with its own door (and framed traditional art for decoration), batik-style dressing gowns–beautiful! I loved the small details, such as real flower plant on the wash stand. The toiletries, instead of being lined up next to the sink like many a hotel, were neatly placed inside a small brown box. Since we try to be eco-travelers and prefer to bring our own toothbrush, shaver, etc instead of using the disposable ones, it was a treat for us to have the complimentary stuff neatly out of sight (and out of the way). We also appreciated the fact that the toiletries were packaged big enough to last for a few days. Not only were they economical, but were also quite lovely to look at, with the hotel’s gorgeous azure logo on translucent containers.

The bath. Living in a small apartment, this spacious bath is a dream.

The bath. Living in a small apartment, this spacious bath is a dream.

While the room itself looked splendid and housekeeping did a commendable job, we did have a few complaints: the toilet clogged in the middle of the night on our first day (We contacted maintenance and the response was prompt); the ceiling fan made a chaffing sound that we couldn’t stand; the ice in the bar was sometimes not replenished; some of the fresh fruits that the staff provided everyday were unripe and hardly edible.

Chaise lounge corner.

Chaise lounge corner.

Yet, overall, the spacious, clean, airy and elegant room was a pleasure to stay in. I truly loved how not just the lobby but the hallways and rooms incorporated local arts and crafts. It was not your typical, modern beige hotel room. The beautifully framed art works depicted local scenes and symbols, the furniture and relief carvings that decorated them were exquisite, the marble flooring was not just handsome but also practical as sometimes we would come from the pools and beach with squishy, sand-peppered beach sandals. The hotel’s effort to waste less resources was evident in the thoughtfully written fabric scrolls that asked guests to indicate whether cared enough to use the same towel twice (a similar scroll was also available for reusing bedsheets).

We had a lovely time in this well-appointed room. I particularly enjoyed AYANA’s Resort View Room because beautiful standard-grade rooms are not easy to find. A suite is gorgeous by default; a standard room that is stunning in and of itself is a real gem.

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  1. noritan /

    Wow! I wonder if it is possible to live in there.
    How long did you stay and what did you do there ?

    • We stayed at AYANA for four nights and five days. Please see the related articles for other reviews! Outdoor facilities were wonderful–you could just spend the entire day inside the resort premises! I hope to find the time to write about the pools, beach and other restaurants located within. Unlike the Intercontinental there isn’t much of a shopping/recreation area around the resort, but within there’s plenty to do!

  2. Sharon /

    Shouldn’t they have hung the artwork above the lamp or somewhere it won’t be obscured?

    It would be nice to have a clear pic of the logo right about where it’s mentioned? 😀

    • Keen observation! I myself wasn’t comfortable with the artwork so close to the table lamp, given how certain localized heating could adversely affect artwork (discoloration/fading/cracking, etc). I couldn’t go as far as to investigate what kind of bulb the lamp had or estimate how much heat it produced (!) but as you see in the photo we tried to turn off the lamp when not in use. As for where the artwork was hung, it seems that the hotel used some common rule-of-thumb: (1) hang at eye level, that is, middle of painting should be around standing eye level, more or less 150cm in Japan, 57″ to 65″ elsewhere; or (2) hang 10-20cm (4″-8″) above sofa or table. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the lamp shade obscured the artwork.


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