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Citizen Kane and Sculptures at Hakone

Anyone here into sculpture appreciation? 🙂

The other day I finally got around to watching the film classic Citizen Kane starring Orson Welles. I’ve always wanted to watch it but somehow kept on forgetting to rent the DVD. Well, now that I saw it all I can say is that while the plot was so-so (basically the tragic story of a filthy rich newspaper magnate/megalomaniac who wanted to be loved by the public but was personally incapable of loving anyone but himself), I liked how it was narrated. I was also impressed by the movie sets. Even in B&W they were fantastic! (Continued after the Japanese summary)






Also, Kane loved classic Grecian marble sculpture, as you can see below:

If there was one thing Kane and I had in common, it would have been the sculpture collection 🙂 I believe that if I had his vast resources I’d have built a collection myself 🙂

Don’t Forget Hakone

Anyway. The movie reminded me that I have tons of sculpture pics taken at the Hakone Open-Air Museum that I have yet to sift through and upload. Here’s a selected few: bronze sculptures photographed as “portraits”.

"Unidos", 1986 by Santiago de Santiago Hernandez (Spain) /「抱擁」、1986年、サンティアゴ・デ・サンティアゴ・エルナンデス(スペイン)

"Unidos", 1986 by Santiago de Santiago Hernandez (Spain) /「抱擁」、1986年、サンティアゴ・デ・サンティアゴ・エルナンデス(スペイン)

"Grandson of the General", 1918 by Kitamura Seibo (Japan) /「将軍の孫」、1918年、北村西望

"Grandson of the General", 1918 by Kitamura Seibo (Japan) /「将軍の孫」、1918年、北村西望

"Woman", 1970 by Asakura Kyoko (Japan) / 「女」、1970年、朝倉響子

"Woman", 1970 by Asakura Kyoko (Japan) / 「女」、1970年、朝倉響子

"Eva", 1949 by Francesco Messina (Italy) /「エヴァ」、1949年、フランチェスコ・メッシーナ(イタリア)

"Eva", 1949 by Francesco Messina (Italy) /「エヴァ」、1949年、フランチェスコ・メッシーナ(イタリア)

In Honor of Women

Well, not really. It just so happens that in this post there are more photos of female figures than males or abstracts. There were male statues, too, but for some reason I did not think of taking their photos up close…

Since there are a hundred more sculptures in the park I’ll try to write more about the place in the coming posts.

Here are the full body shots.

When to Go

The Hakone Open Air Museum is one of those places that anyone can go to anytime of the year. Even when it’s raining. Actually, it’s a bummer when it rains because the best (that is, my favorite) sculptures are the ones outside. Still, there are a couple of buildings with indoor exhibits.

One of the nice things about bronze sculptures is that you can see them regardless of the season. I personally like spring and autumn for outdoor exhibits because it’s not too hot nor cold, but I will happily go anytime!

How to Get There

By train:
From either JR Odawara Station or Odakyu Hakone Yumoto Station, take the Hakone Tozan Line to Chokoku-no-Mori Station. From there the museum is a 2-minute walk.

By bus:
From either JR Odawara Station or Odakyu Hakone Yumoto Station, take the Hakone Tozan bus or Izu-Hakone bus to Ninotaira Iriguchi Station. From there the museum is a 5-minute walk. Otherwise, take the Hakone Tour Bus to Chokoku-no-Mori Station.

電車: 小田原駅→箱根湯本駅→箱根登山鉄道「彫刻の森」駅下車、徒歩2分
バス: 小田原駅→箱根湯本駅→箱根登山バス、伊豆箱根バス「二の平入口」下車、徒歩5分

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  2. If I had Kane’s money I’d collect chocolate sculptures. I’d have Michelangelo’s works made from chocolate. I will eat them all! Hahaha!!!

    Seriously. Beautiful portraits in bronze! Fave’s “Woman” by Asakura. Reminds me of Phoebe Buffay in Friends 🙂

    • beverlyclaire /

      Hey Han! Hehe, thanks! Looking twice, the Asakura sculpture with her shift dress does look like Phoebe! 😀

      Naked sculptures are fine but the ones with clothes on are really interesting: the contrast between the soft cloth look and the hard marble or bronze that it is actually made of. I think that more than skin, it takes an enormous amount of skill to sculpt realistic cloth (I’m thinking of Michelangelo’s The Pieta as the best example).

      Chocolate David! I’ll take the head! 😀 😀 😀


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