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Delectable Cake Roll from Osaka’s Mon Cher Patissiere

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you make it a point to eat local sweets when you are traveling?

I love cake, candy, chocolate, pie and all other types of dessert. One of the joys of traveling, for me, is to get to eat local sweets. (Continued after Japanese summary)



I’ve had a sweet tooth since the day I was born! While I struggle with a sugar addiction, I’m now trying to eat cheap candy much less often and instead buy a quality sweet treat once a week.

Sweet treats from my sweet husband :)

Sweet treats from my sweet husband 🙂

The other day my husband came home with an incredibly delectable treat from Osaka. Turns out one of his former colleagues had been raving about how good their cakes were, and that my husband just had to try for himself. Thanks former colleague! 🙂

Dojima roll 堂島ロール and chocolate cake とろける生ショコラ from the Mon Cher patisserie.

Dojima roll 堂島ロール and chocolate cake とろける生ショコラ from the Mon Cher patisserie.

These are baked treats from a pastry store called Mon Cher. Their flagship bakery is in Dojima, Osaka. Mon Cher’s head baker and founder was inspired by the quaint local bakeries in Paris, France, thus the name.

Fresh cream, scintillatingly spongy cake

Fresh cream, scintillatingly spongy cake

With fresh cream from Hokkaido, and a sponge cake so tasty, Mon Cher’s cake roll is one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s neither too sweet nor too creamy, but has a fresh, delicious taste that makes you want to eat the whole thing in one sitting (just kidding!)

A drop of heaven. Honestly.

A drop of heaven. Honestly.

Not to be outdone, the bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake is a slice of pure heaven. I ate it a few hours ago and I’m still going “Mmmmmmm…” 🙂 It’s that good!

Cake rolls, called ロールケーキ “roll cake” in Japan, are quite popular as gifts and desserts. Mon Cher’s is among my favorites. Fortunately, we don’t have to go to Osaka just to eat these yummy treats. They have an online store and branches all over the country, including Yokohama, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Highly recommended!

For Bakers and Cake Lovers

Speaking of baking, a friend of mine is really into baking. She once gifted me with an entire chocolate cake, for no special reason! Not reliant on cookbooks, she cuts out recipes from magazines and prints out from the internet. For her birthday I made a binder design especially for cake recipes.

Cake Recipes Pink Green Cream Polka Dots Stripes Binder

A pretty, girly binder with stripes and polka dots, in pastel and candy shades of pink, green and cream. There are four cute, matching frames trimmed with lace, to illustrate the recipes and feature the baker’s favorite images.

Back of the cake recipe binder

You can purchase the binder here. Replace the sample photos with your own. Customize the text for a sweet, fully customized binder that’s uniquely your own. Makes a wonderful gift for the baker, pastry chef or patissier in your life.

Here’s a Pinterest-ready image for pinning:

Pretty cake recipes binder by Beverly Claire Designs

I hope you enjoyed today’s post on sweet treats! What’s the best cake you’ve ever tasted? Where were you when you encountered this gift from heaven? 😉

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  1. Mmm, cake. I’m not fond of cream cakes but your description sounds intriguing. Still so busy 🙁
    I think I’ll get some cake this weekend.

    • beverlyclaire /

      Cream cakes in the Philippines are terrible: overly sweet, too buttery, too dry, etc. I’ve never eaten one that I liked. But the good ones sold in Japan are very delicious, methinks. The freshest cream from the freshest milk, just slightly sweetened, and sponge cake that tastes so good it could be eaten as a stand-alone (without the cream) and still taste wonderful 🙂 Anyway, I hope you had your cake this weekend!

  2. noibito /


    • beverlyclaire /

      へええ、堂島って金融街ですね。知りませんでした。モンシェールのような、お洒落で南フランス風の町かと思いました^^ 次に食べてみたいのは、フルーツ入りのロールケーキと、夏限定のヨーグルトケーキです!よろしくです~~ふふふ^^ あ、あと、生ショコラは、1~2個ではなく、6個を食べたいです、一気に!^^

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