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Delish Cantonese Food: Keikahanten in Yokohama

One nice thing about living in Yokohama City is being (relatively) near the Yokohama Chukagai 横浜中華街, the largest Chinatown in Japan. Bustling, colorful and lively, the town has something for everyone, including delicious meals for all budgets. An acquaintance recently asked me if I had a recommendation, so here’s a little restaurant that I like in particular.

Keikahanten's interior.

Keikahanten's interior.

While many restaurants in the area are red-and-yellow themed, some decorated with dragon motifs, simulated lacquer, Chinese watercolor art, and Ming-like vases, Keikahanten 慶華飯店 is a small Cantonese restaurant that stands out with its minimalist, contemporary interior. Bare concrete walls, simple chairs and tables, laminate wood flooring, and a few framed paintings make for a modish, spartan space.

Recommended dishes.

Recommended dishes.

Even the food is served on plain white tableware instead of colorful, patterned ceramics. You might not care for the interiors but you will probably like this restaurant’s ebiwantan (海老ワンタン shrimp wonton), which I heartily recommend. Add a dish of yakibutagohan (焼き豚ご飯 rice topped with roasted pork–mix well before eating!) and that’s one satisfying, reasonably-priced meal. We like to share the ebiwantan as there are 12 of them per serving, but it tastes so good I know I can finish the whole bowl when given the chance. Oh, and the same goes for the yakibutagohan. 🙂

East side entrance of Yokohama's Chinatown.

East side entrance of Yokohama's Chinatown.

What About You?

What’s your favorite restaurant in Yokohama Chukagai? Do share in the comments section below!

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Map to Keikahanten – about a 10-minute stroll from Exit 3 of Minatomirai line’s Nihonodori station.

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  1. Sharon /

    There are several good places to eat at Chinatown in Binondo, too. I doubt they’re as clean as the ones in Japan though, LOL. The interior does not look very attractive but perhaps it would provide a relief from the surfeit of color everywhere else in the area.

    • If you have a place to recommend in Binondo (or anywhere else), I’d love it if you write an article about it and be my guest writer on this site (Pics of interior required!) 🙂


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