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Rainbow Bridge Celebrating Tokyo Olympics 2020

Now that Tokyo has been awarded the 2020 Summer Olympics the city is abuzz with excitement. Many places are celebrating by lighting up with the colors of the Olympic rings.

The Rainbow Bridge, spanning Tokyo Bay, is no different. Whenever there’s an important event the bridge is set aglow in colored lights. Obviously being chosen to host the Summer Olympics is a huge thing, so the lights came out this week. (Continued after Japanese summary)



今回のライトアップはゲートブリッジ・東京タワー・スカイツリーも同時に行い、空から見ると面白そう。ヘリを乗った視線は絶対に素晴らしいと思います! いつか・・・


One of the most popular places to shoot the Rainbow Bridge is at romantic Odaiba. Here the bridge can be seen in concert with Tokyo Tower. This time, however, I decided to look for a place offering a different angle.

Enter Shibaura-futou, or Shibaura Pier. It’s along the Yurikamome line, and a short walk from the station leads to the bridge. Right under the bridge, to be exact.

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Beverly Claire Kaiay

On the way to see the bridge’s underside.

Blue hour came as I was making my way to the bridge, so I took the shot above despite the ugly wire fence. The sky was brilliantly blue and clear.

Underside of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Bevery Claire Kaiya

Under the bridge it looked really cool, like the underside of a galactic ship 🙂

Beneath the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Beverly Claire Kaiya

Rainbow Bridge stretched on to the other side, to the twinkling lights of the city across the water.

Colored Lights on the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Beverly Claire Kaiya

And a little bit to the right the top of the bridge could be seen with colored bulbs.

Psychedelic Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Beverly Claire Kaiya

To make the structure look really rainbow-like I added filters and textures to get this psychedelic bridge look.

There was a park-like patch of grass and a few stairs to sit on:

Park Underneath the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo by Beverly Claire Kaiya

There were a few camera+tripod wielding people, including a guy who took up a corner of the rails and sat there the entire time. Aside from us photo monkeys, there were a couple of guys riding their bicycles, a woman walking her dog, and a man eating his convenience-store purchased boxed dinner while gazing at the lights across the bay.

It was altogether a nice, warm evening. The colored lights will only be up until September 16, 2013 (Monday), but I’m sure there will be another one coming. We’re hosting the Summer Olympics! 🙂

How to Get There

The photos above were taken from the Shibaura-futou 芝浦ふ頭 station side of Tokyo Bay. It’s about a 7-minute train ride from Shimbashi 新橋 on the Yurikamome ゆりかもめ line.

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External Link

Rainbow Bridge Light-up  レインボーブリッジのライトアップ – information in Japanese on the light patterns for the bridge.
Olympics 2020 Celebration with Special Lighting 開催都市決定後 特別ライトアップについて – information in Japanese on the special colored lights schedule for Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree.

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